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   GRASPnp’s vision/mission is to subsidize
tenants who are in the temporary situation of 
not being able to afford their rent,  ​finding
themselves threatened by evictions.

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What can you do?

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NOTE:  when you donate, there is a place to include a message to us -- you can specify whether the donation should go to our Public Subsidy program, our Veteran Subsidy program, Adopt-a-Bear,
​ or 'where it is needed most'

GRASPnp gifts rents, GIVE a man a FIRE,  to create immediate comfort, then
we SET FIRE TO him through our Empowerment programs
​ to build life skills.

Ours is a rare
​charity foundation indeed!

Unlike what you have been reading in the media lately about how charitable donations ending up feeding the the coffers of CEO's and paying for excessive and frivolous administrative costs, that is NOT the case with GRASPnp.

EVERY dollar donated goes directly to the assistance of our subsidy recipients.  Our CEO, Travis Steffens, serves without pay of any kind, and NO donation dollars are spent on management or administrative costs or salaries of any kind—EVER!  R. Investments, a local real estate investment company generously underwrites all administrative costs, leaving EVERY donated dollar available to  work its intended purpose, which is the rental assistance and relief for our subsidy recipients. 

​​​What do we do? 

     We identify and assist those with honorable rent payment history but who, for reasons such as the obvious industry-standard rent rate increases, emergency medical expenses, or a reduction in income, end up with a temporary deficit in their monthly budget.  
     GRASPnp realizes, however, that money is only the first part of the solution, so our Empowerment team offers a recovery-focused, world-class training program to guide recipients toward greater personal responsibility and leadership, resulting in empowering them to rise to the challenge of personal growth and accountability  in caring for themselves and their families.

       (please explore the VETERANS  links on our menu at
       the left  to ​see how this program has found special
focus  in assisting ​our valued military Veterans.)

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.