2014 Orphan Bears all dressed up and bagged,   eager to be adopted by gloriously joyful children


This slide presentation shows pics of me and donors from 2014 AAB campaign.  We had so much fun!!

​. . . and we brought Christmas- morning joy to hundreds of people !

​Hey there, facebook friends!!  I've been waiting for you!   Thank you so much for checking up on me  --

Did you find YOUR 
WIN in this program??!!!!

  • Orphan Teddy Bears find forever homes!

  • Children are thrilled with their new, furry adoptees!

  • Entire families get 'santa' services for Christmas morning!

  • YOU have been handed an opportunity to personally provide joy to these loving, deserving families (pls see donate options to the right)

  • Boom!  there's a bonus FIFTH win:  YOU can feel the reward of having 'liked' this to others who may very well be searching for that perfect charity outreach this season,  Snap thanks you in advance!

​Please keep an eye on your
​ inbox and/or your facebook page.  You don't want to miss our fun ​updates
throughout the season!

2013 and 2014 were huge successes, and 2015 is off to an
impressive start  

This year we are spreading our joy in five major cities across the country!  To say we have ‘grown’ is a silly understatement.  Our successes in the past two years have built a solid foundation and have amplified our visibility as a compassionate provider of relief and joy to families who otherwise would have experienced neither on Christmas morning!

​GRASPnp has already shipped our 250 orphaned Teddy Bears to four other adoption centers across the country!! — for children, as well as seniors and special-needs adults — to adopt into their forever homes. 

The premise of the program is that in exchange for their adopting one of these adorable orphaned Teddy Bears, we will provide ‘santa’ services to their entire family

Charity is not giving away
billions when you have billions left

Charity is giving away
$5 when you really
​can’t afford it.

 Warren Buffet


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Thornton, CO

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