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GRASPnp is registered in the State of Colorado, but the subsidy program is now active in five states, and we anticipate adding more states in the upcoming year. We have also added to our charitable outreach a subsidy program specific to Veterans and an annual Christmas outreach program, Adopt-a-Bear.

R. Investments, LLP is the keystone of this foundation. 
RI is funding the entirety of operational costs and expenses,
leaving all donation dollars available to work their rescue on
struggling tenants,
just as designed.  RI is totally committed
to the growth and success of GRASPnp.

GRASPnp has been a vision-in-the-making for many years of Travis Steffens, owner of R. Investments, LLP, real estate investment company in Denver, Colorado. Through personal day-to-day experience, he has witnessed the devastation on the lives of struggling tenants who have been evicted.  And, as an investor himself, he knows well the impact of evictions and vacancies on the owner’s bottom-line.  He envisioned a program that would help both sides of the
​rental-industry coin.

GRASPnp (Gifting Rents and Structuring emPowerment) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable foundation in Denver, Colorado, founded in 2013, created specifically to help low-to-mid-income renters who are struggling to make their rent payments each month.  It is our vision to prevent evictions by subsidizing rents for responsible, hard-working tenants who, for whatever temporary reason (raised rent, health/medical issues, reduced income, etc.) cannot quite meet their monthly rent obligation.