Our CEO has NEVER collected any wage or bonus, he works without compensation of any kind!! ​

R. Investments, LLP has, from the very first day of GRASP​np’s inception, generously underwritten ALL administrative costs (including all administrative salaries and even PayPal fees!) so that every
​donated dollar goes to recipients

There has been a lot of
​ media hype recently

 In case you hadn't noticed . . . 

. . . we changed our name! (and logo) . . . slightly.  Just enough to distinguish ourselves from a myriad (the number growing daily!) of other organizations who apparently found GRASP an attractive name as well!  Consequently in a standard google search of ‘GRASP’, we found ourselves buried in a list of many.  We changed our name to GRASPnp (nonprofit), and altered the acronym to accommodate an essential part of our program, that of Empowerment!  

      This name change matches the identify of our
  website, our website emails, and it was adequate
        in making the name unique enough to stand
                      out in the google search pile :)

 . . about donated dollars given to charities that end up in the pockets of CEO's and administrative staff.

​That NEVER happens at GRASPnp !  Not one
penny of any dollar donated goes to anything
other than the recipients of our charity.



13762 Colorado Blvd

Thornton, CO

303 255 2855