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         ​​ All the time

. . .  we need the help of others!   We are blessed by the courageous men and women in this country who step up to protect every one of us!   

And when these military Veterans return to their communities, the adjustment isn’t always comfortable or easy. 

GRASPnphas chosen to make a particular effort to reach out to our returning military Veterans and help them reintegrate into their communities.  

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           Sometimes​  it takes a team! 

A tenant who has qualified for our subsidy program is always grateful for the rent assistance, but we sometimes observe the absence of some basic  living comforts in their home, maybe a couch or a table, or a bed, maybe a new bed for a new baby!  GRASPnphas a very healthy and generous family of In-Kind donorswho look in their homes, ask friends and families to look in their homes, for something that would work for the family.  We have a team of volunteer drivers who pick up from the donor and deliver to the recipient,  through all of whichGRASPnp has completed yet another cycle of giving and receiving — its good for everybody!

                                                            Sometimes  we have to be quick!  

We grasp quickly and hold on tight! These are the times when unexpected expenses just pop into one’s life without warning, and the cost of meeting that crisis can easily be outside that family’s budget.  Enter our Urgent Care outreach!

GRASPnprecognizes them as urgent, we recognize that extra help is needed:  we send out the message to our team, to our donors,  and to our community of volunteers.  Somebody then rises to the occasion and takes this extra burden off the shoulders of the struggling family.

                                doesn't stop there!