There is high interest in this program and a high level of enrollment at every property, validating the value of this education, encouraging us to expand and grow the involvement to support our valued residents at each new property.  These GRASP empowerment programs allows GRASP to  offer leadership  to our recipients, empowering them to rise to the challenge of personal growth and accountability  . . . one day returning the same gift to their community. 

NOTE:  the positive messages you see on each page of this site represent the core of what our empowerment programs are all about!  Mind and attitude control one's life!

 Like attracts like, and we train to focus on the positive!

Gina and her team have created an impressive selection of interactive games that strengthen memory correlated with learning quick-thinking skills and at the same time empowering dreams and making those dreams a reality. Every child also has the opportunity to build their own vision board to correlate with their dreams and visions—a proven tool for success in reaching goals. The program is called Dream Works, and it is powerful in getting kids off on the right foot from early ages! 

Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.
​                Maya Angelou

We’ll call her Victoria

Victoria had a rough childhood.  When her parents were around they were usually followed closely by a haze of drugs and alcohol.  Victoria was raised in a chaotic environment where violence and police activity quickly became the norm.  After a particularly dramatic drug bust at her house, Victoria decided she deserved better.

She sought to find a place and people who would make her feel safe and protected.  She thought that finding a husband, and surrounding herself with her own children would give her the sense of security and love that she had always desired. 

Cut to Victoria a year ago.  No husband, five children, no job, no extra funds and dangerously low on hope.  With just her children and the little possessions she had, Victoria made a vow.  She vowed that she would do whatever was necessary to ensure that her children had a better life than the one she had grown accustomed.  Victoria came to an important realization.  Only SHE could make herself happy.  SHE had the power to control her own destiny.

With that vow, Victoria’s life began to change.  She took steps to change her life and the lives of her children.  She began taking GRASPnp's empower- ment classes when she could, she read more and more, and most importantly she began to picture, visualize,  the life she wanted.  Victoria adds to her vision board weekly and writes in her journal daily, She has learned to use tools within herself to build the life she knows she can have!

Though her life is far from perfect, her children are healthy and cared for, and Victoria is finally beginning to feel something she didn’t know was possible:    HAPPY, empowered, and in control. 

We also incorporate an adult section to this program that is a guided, interactive program for building resumes, as well as comprehensive education in financial budgets and financial planning,  and vital parenting techniques.

Adults also get to join in with Dream Works and build vision boards of their own and expand on their dreams and visions as an empowered human being.

We Change Lives Through Our Empowerment Programs

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Because GRASPnp subsidies are temporary, we realize that education on several levels is essential for keeping these tenants on track once their budgets have recovered.

             Tenants in Colorado are grateful for basic and advanced budget tutoring, introducing them to the budgeting concept of what-goes-in/what-goes out as well as an email motivation and positive attitude campaign, uplifting messages sent to bring encouragement of personal growth.

Out-of-State Empowerment Centers

Additionally, members of our R. Investments out-of-state team have created a very exciting proprietary curriculum for kids that is constructed solely around increasing mindfulness, empowering dreams and strengthening learning and cognitive skills.