I just so amazed at how much you care for us with barely even knowing us but again thanks . . ..

“. . . how truly grateful and appreciative I am for the assistance that you and grasp have given me — I am on my feet again!

. . .and some can’t say thank you enough!
Again thank you for helping me . . .  and again thank you so much God bless . . .again thank you for all your help

And if your funds are really, really tight right now . . hey, please know that we understand completely! . . . and take it from us, the Veterans understand as well!

All we ask is when things loosen up a little in your budget and you realize you have a bit to share that you keep our Veterans in mind.  

Donations of any amount represent a miracle of kindness in the hearts of these Veterans.

 GRASPnp's 2016 Veterans
​Rent Subsidy Program fundraising campaign

May 1 - July 31, 2016

The plane landed, and the excitement in his chest was palpable –he could hardly believe he was back home!  Four tours between Afghanistan and Iraq, he had lived through it, was home, and could finally be with his wife and kids.  His family greeted him with hugs and tears, and it was a new beginning for them all.  So much joy!

That joy began to fade as weeks and months went by and he began to feel the strain and stress of taking care of his family on limited finances.  The job market was tighter than he expected, and the rent rates were through the roof.  Symptoms of his PTSD were increasing from the stress of it all!

He kept repeating to himself, ‘if I could just get a little help through these tough first months’, believing that he was perfectly capable of managing this new life, but starting out 'under water' was taking him down.  He didn’t say anything to anybody.  His pride prevented his asking for any help.   As a Veteran, he was supposed to be the one in charge, the one taking care of others.  He couldn’t possibly reach out to others to help him.

Fortunately for him, one of the counselors at VA knew about GRASPnp.  She explained our program and that it was probably exactly what he needed – temporary assistance while he gained his bearings in this new environment.

This is the testimony he sent us at the end of his program: 
‘I was slipping each day deeper into depression until my counselor sent me to you.  Thank you is nowhere near enough - you saved me and my family from homelessness!  You were loving and kind, and I still can’t figure out how you care so much for us – you don’t even know us!”


13762 Colorado Blvd

Thornton, CO

303 255 2855


Donations are nothing short of miracles as far as the Veterans who are struggling are concerned

Nothing is heavier than to see our military Veterans return home safely only to find themselves worrying about whether they will be able to stay in their residences, keep the roof over themselves and their families.  When GRASPnp subsidies become part of the picture, you can visually see the relief on their faces, you can see the weight lift off their spirit and they can feel joy again.  

There has been a lot of facebook posts that are similar: basically asking if you have ever helped anybody only to find out they aren't grateful.  That is one thing we NEVER experience here at GRASpnp.  We measure gratitude by the testimonials and thank you's we get from recipients. (please take time to read samples and real-life story below)

We are never left wondering whether our program is effective or not!!  Our donors never wonder if their donations are appreciated or not!

There is huge personal reward to you, as a donor, realizing you are bringing joy and relief to somebody you don't even know! -- to those who gave so much to us, and they didn't know us either!


It's finally here!!!   GRASPnp's 2016 Veterans Rent Subsidy Program fundraising campaign is now 

Hi, Thank you so much for working with me. Thank you GRASP very much! Without this program I would be lost or stuck in life, I have worked my whole life to get this far, but in hard unseen times like the ones I have been going though, I would have lost everything. THANK YOU ALL!!!

Upon hearing of his approval for rent assistance
Awesome and thank you! You have NO idea!  Thank you!