What does the grasp of                                 look like?

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                                                                                  All the time

GRASPnpwas strategically designed from the very beginning  to focus on more than tenants.   We recognize that evictions and vacancies are also costly to investor owners. 

GRASPnp’s mission of                 reducing  the eviction rate is intentional in stabilizing the integrity of the apartment industry as a whole, and particularly protecting the equity for property owners by minimizing the immediate out-of-pocket cost of evictions as well as the consequence of bad debt on profit-and–loss sheets.

​​                                                                                                                       Other times the best gift we can give is direction. 

GRASPnpknows that handing out money isn't going to solve every
problem - we need to empower recipients with knowledge and
                    confidence to regain
                    control of their
                    financial worlds.
                   Our follow-up effort
                   with these tenants,
                   once we have moved
                   them past the threat
                   of eviction, is to
                   empower them through one-on-one, regularly scheduled educational sessions that will help them see their financial and life challenges through the eyes of strength and new control.  We
'set fire’ to the man - creating a  new sense of personal  achievement and accountability .  We change people’s lives!


          Sometimes   somebody needs just a little help, a step up, to meet their financial responsibilities

GRASPnpoffers subsidies to hard-working, responsible tenants who find themselves within the grips of certain  eviction. 
 'give a 
man a fire'
immediate comfort

Through the eyes of
attentive and
property managers,
we are able to locate ​tenants who are on the verge of being evicted.  We acquire a financial picture that allows us to determine an appropriate path of subsidy that will help them get back on their financial feet, and our temporary subsidies keep them in their homes.


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